Italy will limit visitor numbers in Cinque Terre

manarolaIn an effort to stem the tide of tourists flooding the Cinque Terre, Italian officials are going to cap the number of visitors to the region, beginning this summer. These small villages on the Italian Riviera date back to the 14th century and were not designed with the infrastructure capable of handling today’s mass tourism.

The influx of visitors is most damaging to the footpaths that connect each village, but the towns are also feeling the squeeze of the estimated 2.5 million tourists who visit the region each year.

Around 15 years ago, the destination was a hole in the wall. This year, the park will limit the number to just 1.5 million – which is still a large number.

Read the full article: Italy Will Limit Visitor Numbers in Cinque Terre | TravelPulse

Read the report on the Europarc website.

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