Namibia says tourism contributes directly to poverty alleviation

(All Africa) “Tourism has been identified in Vision 2030 as one of the pillars of Namibia’s economic growth and is one of the few industries that contribute directly to poverty alleviation and economic development in rural areas. This is according to the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Uahekua Herunga, who made the remarks during the official opening of the fifth Partners Symposium and Annual Conference for the Global Partnership of Sustainable Tourism that is taking place at a local Windhoek hotel…. The tourism minister, however, added that the country’s tourism sector needs to streamline efforts to preserve and conserve Namibia’s biodiversity in the face of adversity from the impact of climate change and other environmental challenges. He added that Namibia’s effort towards conservation is a global success story that echoes across the continent and is seen as an example of how a nation and its biodiversity base can be transformed.”

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Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith is the editor and co-founder of Travindy. He is a writer and communications consultant working for a more responsible and sustainable tourism industry. He is the author of two books, writes a fortnightly blog on responsible tourism for World Travel Market, and provides consultancy to a wide range of companies and organisations, ranging from National Parks to individual hotels and tour operators.

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