Restoration Expeditions Announces Pure New Zealand Study Tour

Sustainable Tourism Study Tour in New Zealand

Join Restoration Expeditions in New Zealand February 5-11, 2012 for its Pure New Zealand Study Tour. Experience one of the world’s most remarkable landscapes and best organized travel destinations with other sustainable recreation and tourism development professionals. Dig out your passport and leave your car behind!

The tour will include the opportunities to tramp, paddle, bike, sample wine, get your hands dirty with a restoration project, and stay at some of the most unique overnight accommodations… all while getting an insider’s look at New Zealand’s well-planned visitor network, effectively managed wild lands and captivating travel experiences. Prepare for intimate conversations with colleagues, local entrepreneurs, public land managers and national tourism professionals to discover why and how New Zealand is known as one of the best and most sustainable places to travel.

This will be an active, hands-on study tour designed for travel professionals and policy makers, tourism-oriented businesses, and community economic developers, especially from rural areas who are looking for new ways to improve their destinations an strengthen their businesses.

Experience the strong system of logistical support for independent travelers that connects one community to another, one activity to another, something more guided to something less guided that can easily support a car free vacation.

Meet innovative niche businesses who recognize and leverage their role as an “experience connector”. Learn how they build successful, flexible enterprises in highly seasonal destinations.

Take inspiration from creative integration of conservation, outdoor recreation, and arts/cultural attraction for visitors.

Engage in strategy conversations with leaders of national and regional tourism development and land management organizations leading the way in sustainable destination management.

Be a tourist and absorb what it feels like to be a truly welcomed guest!

Article taken from Your Travel Choice. Read original version here.

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