Botswana Tourism Organization launches digital destination brochures

Botswana Tourism Organization is pleased to announce the unveiling of its popular Travel Companion destination guides in digital format, now available for viewing and downloading on, or on disc. The set of four Travel Companion brochures, for the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Central/Kgaligadi regions, are the definitive traveller’s guide to Botswana’s tourist regions. Optimized destination content is now available to a global online audience conveniently on demand.

Going beyond the traditional print media, these digital flip books work just like an iBook, where users have the ability to zoom, flip pages, click hyperlinks and download in high resolution. Additional highlights of the digital brochures include compatibility with all browsers, search capabilities by key words or phases, sharing of page or entire brochure, and printing on demand.

Digital brochures are just one way Botswana Tourism is leveraging the power of technology to cost effectively reach a broader global audience at their fingertips. Botswana Tourism has embraced the digital world, using a number of digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to share information and build an online community where consumers and travel trade professionals alike can experience Botswana together.

Article taken from Travel Daily News. Read original version here.

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