Meliá Hotels International launches Travel for Good campaign

Meliá Hotels International launches Travel for Good campaign

A leader in sustainability, Meliá Hotels International, is rewriting the script for tourism with its new Travel for Good campaign. 

The campaign, which was launched to coincide with World Tourism Day on September 27th, focuses on four key pillars: environment, people, community and good governance. 

“Our passion for hospitality drives us to respond to global challenges, viewing sustainability as a fundamental driver behind the transformation of the travel model to ensure a positive legacy for our planet and our society,” said Gabriel Escarrer, Vice President and CEO of Meliá Hotels International, during the presentation of the campaign.

Travel for Good focuses on four areas:

  • Good for the Planet: refers to the company’s environmental strategy and projects to make its activity carbon neutral, such as sustainable construction, efficient and responsible use of energy and water, and making progress in implementing a circular hotel model and protecting biodiversity.
  • Good for our People: reflects Meliá’s commitment to enhancing the talent of its employees and improving their work experience, offering a work environment committed to equality and diversity.
  • Good for the Community: presents the company’s commitment to local communities to help meet their needs, generating economic and social value that helps eradicate inequality and promote peace, well-being and progress.
  • Governance for Good: includes Meliá’s ethical and responsible commitment to stakeholders in a context in which society is making increasing demands of companies and in which the regulatory environment is also increasingly stringent. All in addition to the ethical management of its supply chain and leveraging public-private partnerships as a way to encourage more sustainable tourism.

In Southeast Asia, Meliá is already implementing a number of initiatives around these principles.

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This is an excerpt from an article by Vicky Karantzavelou earlier published by Travel Daily News.

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