US sustainable travel survey

US sustainable travel survey

The Vacationer conducted a survey before Earth Day 2022 to find out how Americans feel about sustainable travel, how many are willing to spend more money to travel sustainably, how many actually plan on making more eco-friendly decisions when planning travel, how many use technology/filters to find sustainable travel options, and more. 

The anonymous survey included 1,096 American adults over the age of 18 and was conducted online using SurveyMonkey’s interface/audience on our behalf on March 1, 2022. Eric Jones, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Rowan College South Jersey, analyzed the survey.

Key Stats:

87.32% of American adults say sustainable travel is either Somewhat Important or Very Important to them. That is a 4.65 percentage point increase from the same question in our 2021 Sustainable Travel Survey where 82.67% said sustainable travel is either Somewhat Important or Very Important to them.

81.57% of American adults plan to make more sustainable (eco-friendly) decisions when planning travel. Of the 81.57%, only 29.84% say they will make the decisions regardless if it inconveniences them, while 51.73% will do it only if it does not inconvenience them.

78.28% would pay more for a vacation to lower their carbon footprint. Only 71.37% said they would pay more in last year’s survey.

6.84% say sustainability and carbon footprint is the most important factor when booking travel. Cost came in at 59.58% and time and convenience came in at 33.58%.

81.43% either think there are not enough sustainable travel options or simply do not know if there are.

19.43% use sustainable travel filters like “low emissions” when booking trips. 43.98% are not even aware they exist.

This is an excerpt from an article by Vicky Karantzavelou, originally published by TravelDailyNews.

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