New UNEP manual launched to support businesses improve resource efficiency

New UNEP manual launched to support businesses improve resource efficiency

A Manual to Measuring and Monitoring Resource Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Hotel and Conference Sector is aiming to support tourism businesses to measure and improve the performance of their business in resource efficiency and GHG emissions. 

In particular, it looks at resource efficiency in the accommodation and conference sector in developing and emerging economies. This Manual was developed the United Nations Environment Programme within the framework of the International Climate Initiative Project-funded project called “Transforming Tourism Value Chains in Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States to Accelerate More Resource-Efficient, Low-Carbon Development”.

This guide will help you to understand how to develop a resource efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) baseline for your business, and how to measure and monitor changes against those baselines. It will:

  • Introduce a business case for resource efficiency and GHG footprint management within hotels and conference centres.
  • Discuss the benefits of measuring and monitoring.
  • Provide advice on resource efficiency management (energy, water, waste, food). • Outline data collection requirements to establish a baseline.
  • Describe the tools available to help businesses plan for change.
  • Help hotel staff understand key areas of sustainability.

Click here to download the manual.

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