What does the future of travel look like?

What does the future of travel look like?

In a guest column with Travel Daily Media, Andrew Bate, co-founder and CEO of the leading insurtech and guest screening solution for the vacation and short-term rental market Safely, talks about how continued uncertainty around travel restrictions and high vacation rental demand will impact travel choices this year.

We’re about to enter a new “golden era of travel”, according to Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO, speaking this autumn (and his optimism is well founded as his company recently set both earnings and revenue records). But it won’t look anything like before. Remote, or hybrid, working is here to stay, altering the way we choose to travel and live now. This alone has changed the travel landscape forever. But what other trends will shape travel in 2022, as the pandemic recedes?

Where will we want to escape to next year? Will we choose to vacation close to home and continue to travel domestically or will we have a pent-up desire to explore international destinations? What type of accommodation do we prefer now, after close to two years of booking vacation rentals for work and leisure? And how long will our trips be, will they be squeezed into short vacation allocations or extended work stays? And will technology play a big role for travellers and the industry as a whole?

Here are five travel trends I believe will dominate the sector in 2022:

1)  Domestic vs international travel

2)  The remote working knock-on effect

3)  Alternative accommodation is not alternative anymore

4)  Business travel will return – but not like before

5)  Technology will power travel

This is an excerpt from an article by Andrew Bate, originally published by Travel Daily Media.


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