Norwegian Airlines commit to fly fossil-free by 2050

Norwegian Airlines commit to fly fossil-free by 2050

For the first time, SAS, Widerøe, Norwegian, Avinor, the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries (NHO Luftfart) have worked together to set a common emissions target and a roadmap to achieve the goal of Norwegian aviation being fossil-free by 2050.

“With this, we are stating our ambition clearly, and we are all committed to a number of changes over the next few decades. To make it work, we also depend on the continued close cooperation with the authorities,” says Dag Falk-Petersen, CEO of Avinor.

He points out that all parts of society, including aviation, must reduce greenhouse gas emissions if irreversible climate change is to be prevented. Norway without air travel is almost unimaginable, and aviation should be part of the solution to achieve the goals that were set out in the Paris Agreement.

“We have not changed our aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions even though we have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic,” he added.

Aviation will be a driving force, inviting the authorities to collaborate

Norwegian aviation will go to great lengths to achieve the targets that have been set. The industry is investing in new energy-efficient aircraft and is driving the development and adoption of zero- and low-emissions solutions. Sustainable fuels are also being phased in, and airspace is being made more efficient.

This is an excerpt from an article originally published by International Airport Review. 



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