Plan to sail to Chile climate conference and promote sustainable tourism seeks funders

Plan to sail to Chile climate conference and promote sustainable tourism seeks funders

A diverse group of changemakers will travel to the UN Climate Conference COP25 in Santiago, Chile this fall. Worried about the emissions of aviation, they will not travel by plane but by sailing ship. At the conference and throughout our trip, they will raise our concerns about the negative impact of air travel on the planet.

The sailing trip is part of a year long (media) campaign for policy change at a national and international level. The aim is to make the transport playing field more equal: to make it easier, more affordable and more attractive to choose sustainable travel options like going by train, bus and bike. 

On board the ship will host a think tank focussing on the mobility shift. Together with partners such as policy-makers, business partners and NGOs the group want to explore this question and think of ways to accelerate the global mobility shift. At the COP they will show that the concerns about aviation are widespread and pressure international decision-makers to discuss this topic. 

Become a theme partner 

Companies and organisations are invited to become a thematic partner to be part of the on-board think-tank. As the voyage will be spending approximately 6 weeks on the ocean there will be ample time to work on campaigns, projects or sustainability challenges. Becoming a theme partner means: 

● Sending in a case to be work on during the think tank. In the onboard Climathon participants will discuss innovative solutions to present at the COP25 Climathon. 

● Being part of the conference hosted on the day of sailing. Presenting your vision on sustainable travel and taking part in the co-creation sessions with the most important mobility organizations and others stakeholders from in the Netherlands. 

● As a partner, one of your (young) employees/trainees can apply to sail with to the COP. This participant can represent the organization at the COP and will have a transformative learning experience during the sailing trip. 

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