World Tourism Destinations Forum to be held in Kuala Lumpur this December

World Tourism Destinations Forum to be held in Kuala Lumpur this December

Under the theme BUILDING AN OUTSTANDING WORLD-CLASS TOURISM DESTINATION, The World Tourism Destinations Forum 2018 (WTDF 2018) is designed to provide an interactive platform for municipalities, city planning and development experts, tourism and hospitality products and services providers, government leaders, policy makers and captains of industry from across the region to converge; meet face to face to discuss a wide spectrum of issues pertaining to tourism destinations planning, development and management.

Taking place in Malaysia’s capital city on December 4-5, attendees will be able to share practical frameworks and best practices at the same time discover how the rise of digital technologies are impacting tourism destination planning, development, management and marketing.

The key themes of the event are:

  • Global Tourism Destination Trends and Analysis
  • Designing and Managing Sustainable Experiences
  • Funding of Tourism Infrastructures
  • Destination Marketing Strategies
  • Cultural Architectures as Sustainable Urban Tourism Products
  • Niche Tourism Products as Urban Economic Driver
  • Green & Smart Tourism Infrastructure
  • Planning & Managing Urban Heritage Areas
  • Integrating Digital Technologies in Tourism Cities Development
  • Varied Elements Management for Sustainable Tourism Cities
  • Developing A World Class Tourism Destination: A Common Vision, Direction and Commitment
  • Overtourism Vs Undertourism: How Can We Avoid It

For more details, go to or contact the secretariat at +603 2771 1668. You can benefit from a 10% Promo Code if you quote WTDF2018TRAVINDY when registering.

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