Regenerative Tourism will be the key topic of Convergence 2018

Regenerative Tourism will be the key topic of Convergence 2018

On September 27th and 28th Convergence 2018 will take place in Pucón (Chile). This is a unique event organized by the Global Initiative of Regenerative Tourism and Camina Sostenible aiming to innovate, connect and transform the current vision of tourism through regenerative development.

Martín Araneda, organizer of the event explains that, “we are planning for a disruptive event which purpose is to go beyond sustainability. We seek to challenge the current tourism system and invite participants to be inquisitive, innovate and open to new possibilities”.

The event will feature multiple activities such as laboratories, workshops and conferences. These will deal with cutting-edge topics such as tourism and regenerative development, collapse and crisis management, circular economy, female indigenous leadership and dynamic spirals.

The programme intends to draw the attention of the local community, but also entrepreneurs, public and private sector, tourism managers, current professionals and students interested in new ways of thinking and understanding tourism.

“In addition, we are going to create a “converged space” where we seek to nourish what we learn during the two days to co-create a Virtuous Destination,” says Martín. Adding that, “this way, the whole event is focused on creating solutions, which will help public and private institutions to better understand tourism in their destination”.

Everybody can join “Convergencia de Turismo Regenerativo, Pucón 2018”. This is a free event upon registration through this link. You can also email the organisers directly at: [email protected].

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