North India’s first zero waste guesthouse launches

Hara House aims to be a zero waste guesthouse

As travel & tourism continues to grow, one entrepreneurial pair are making sure guests have less impact on the environment.

Indian and Canadian duo, Manoj Gour and Jazzmine Lawton Raine, have joined forces to create Hara House, promoting responsible consumption, sustainable travel, social good and the future of the hospitality and tourism industry in North India.

In 2015, airports around the world saw over 1.2 billion international check-ins. The hospitality and tourism industry is responsible for 920,000 tonnes in annual food waste, and an average of 15,000L of water used per month by a single hotel guest. They wondered: How can we sustain such an industry that consumes at an exponential rate?

Hara House is, North India’s first zero waste guesthouse, with a goal of changing the way locals and travellers consume at home and abroad. The social enterprise operates as a community hub and workspace for local, social entrepreneurs, setting aside 20% of all guest room and tour profits to their Hara Innovation Fund, a grant programme investing in projects focused on environmental action and education in North India.

Jazzmine Lawton Raine, co-founder of Hara House said, “Our business model truly encompasses what the future of tourism can look like and how we can use the industry as a platform for empowering others to act locally and think globally about our environmental future. Our goal for Hara House is to serve as a conscious community space for locals and travellers, to act as an incubation hub for social purpose and environmental projects, and by 2019, work in partnership with other hospitality and tourism organisations to help them minimise their environmental footprint as well.”

Manoj Gour, Bikaner-based serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Hara House said, “The innovation in the Bikaner area is already really amazing. From small businesses selling health products to educate and assist with the growing rate of diabetes, to showcasing some of the alternative tourism sites in the surrounding villages, from wildlife sanctuaries to camel safaris run by local families, there is a lot of potential for the city of Bikaner. I’m excited to see innovation continue to grow here!”

Hara House’s Indiegogo campaign is now live with a goal of raising $15,000 CAD (800,000 Indian rupees/8 lakhs). The first $10,000 will be used to renovate the six-room property, installing guest amenities and resources, and fully furnishing with 100% upcycled materials, curated by their ethical fashion partner, Doodlage.

The additional $5,000 will kick-start their Hara Innovation Fund, obtaining resources needed for their community hub of social innovators.

To learn more and to contribute to their Indiegogo campaign, visit Make your impact on the world through how you travel.

This is an article first published by Green Hotelier. 

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