Accessibility to Dominica’s natural attractions and accommodation improving

Accessibility to Dominica's natural attractions and accommodation improvingDominica’s Forestry, Wildlife and National Parks Division, alongside various local and regional partners has been working to clear some of the island’s most iconic sites so that they are ready to receive visitors by the beginning of 2018.  These include the Trafalgar Falls, Syndicate Nature Trail, Emerald Pool, Fort Shirley, Indian River and the Botanic Gardens.

Meanwhile, 22 accommodation providers are at least partly open to visitors – Atlantique View Resort, Caribbean Seaview Apartments, Classique International, Coffeeriver Cottages, Emerald View Apartments, Hibiscus Valley Inn, Le Petit Paradis, Picard Beach Cottages, Picard Family Guest House, Pointe Baptiste Guest House, Portsmouth Beach Hotel, Rejens Hotel, St. James Bed & Breakfast, Suite Pepper Cottage, Sunset Bay Club, Tamarind Tree Hotel & Restaurant, The Champs, La Flamboyant Hotel, Seaworld Guest House, St. Aimie’s Guest House, Roseau Valley and 3 Rivers Eco Lodge & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge.

This is an excerpt from an article first published on Dominica News Online.

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