Sustainable reward scheme Introduced by Travelindex

Sustainable reward scheme Introduced by Travelindex

Travelindex, a company focused on developing data driven travel discovery and travel planning products, announced what it says is the first tourism sustainability incentive program – Sustainable First. Sustainable First is not a certification program but instead aims to recognize individuals, companies and organizations making significant efforts and contributing to the environmental, social and economic welfare of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Sustainable First intends to inspire actions and strategies for moving towards a more sustainable pattern of development in tourism providing prosperity and opportunities for all. The program’s vision is to make the tourism industry the leading activity sector in implementing sustainable strategies.

Bernard Metzger, Founder of Travelindex, said; “Currently, there are over 128 organizations offering certification programs and multiple challenges are associated with the current status of sustainability certification, i.e. the proliferation of schemes has lead to confusion among actors involved and consumers are unsure of credibility, reducing the value of the certification.

He added, “the recognition methodoly used at “Sustainable First” is based on a 3-tier patented Travelindex algorithm and the Sustainable Recognition Index. They include crowd wisdom, self-assessment and expert opinions. Travelindex will work closely with recognized and reputable organizations in the fields of development, tourism, environment and sustainability.”

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