New report: The Rise of the immersive traveler in a time of global uncertainty


Skift in collaboration with Momondo Group published a new free report “The Rise of the Immersive Traveler in a Time of Global Uncertainty”. The report tackles the following topics:

  • How social media and customer-review sites change the way travelers search for information about places they visit.
  • The impact of sharing economy and location-independent workers on the way we interact with travel brands and destinations.
  • How geopolitically-aware, well-educated and digitally savvy travelers contribute to creating a stronger dialogue across cultures and drive peace and understanding in conflict areas around the world.
  • Fears and perceptions of traveling abroad in troubling times.

An excerpt from the Executive Summary:

“There’s evidence that security issues and violence have been on the rise globally since 2008. The year 2016 has seen suicide bombers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia that killed scores of civilians, while the US suffered from the deadliest gun violence in its modern history. Meanwhile, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union created an international shock both economically and politically.

However, despite perceived travel risks and uncertainty about the global state of affairs, travelers are growing savvier and more resilient than ever. There’s a new kind of geopolitically-aware traveler who remains determined to make the most of the world, live without fear to have deeper, more immersive experiences.”

A screenshot from the Report.

To read the whole story and download the report, visit Free Report: The Rise of the Immersive Traveler in a Time of Global Uncertainty.

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