Call for Papers: Conference on Slum Tourism in Munich 2017


“From Stigma to Brand: Commodifying and Aestheticizing Urban Poverty and Violence” conference is going to take place on 16-18 February 2017 in Munich.

“This conference investigates the motives, processes and effects of the commodification and global representation of urban poverty and violence. Cities have often hidden from view those urban areas and populations stigmatized as poor, dirty and dangerous. However, a growing range of actors actively seek to highlight the existence and appeal of “ghettos”, “slums” and “no-go areas”, in attempts to attract visitors, investors, cultural producers, media and civil society organisations. In cities across the world, processes of place-making and place-marketing increasingly resignify urban poverty and violence to indicate authenticity and creativity. From “slum tourism” to “favela chic” parties and “ghetto fabulous” fashion, these economic and representational practices often approach urban deprivation as a viable brand rather than a mark of shame.”

The conference organisers are welcoming papers from a range of disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, geography, sociology, and urban studies. Deadline for abstract submission is October 10, 2016.

To find out more about the conference and submitting papers, visit

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