Travindy and Biosphere partner to spread sustainable tourism news

Travindy and Biosphere partner to spread sustainable tourism news

We’re very happy to announce our latest partner – Biosphere Responsible Tourism. We’ll be sharing editorial content about their members, and they will be helping us reach their global network.

Biosphere Responsible Tourism is certification scheme organised by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI). It ensures compliance with the sustainability standards of the Responsible Tourism System (STR), which are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) of the United Nations.

The RTI maintains a cooperation agreement with UNESCO, is a member of the WTO, and is a founding member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

A version of this article first published on the Biosphere website. Read the original article here: Travindy and Biosphere will bring you all the sustainable tourism news | Biosphere Responsible Tourism

Travindy is an independent website featuring news and opinion on all issues to do with tourism and sustainability. Written primarily for an industry audience, our aim is to support the transformation of the sector into one that is regenerative, restorative and fully inclusive.

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