Hilton Worldwide celebrates its first Global Earth Month

hilton_alger_earth_month_1_FPThroughout the month of March, Hilton Team Members, franchise employees and guests from 900 communities across the globe participated in more than 1,500 environment-focused projects. From low carbon cocktail coolers, aimed at educating individuals on ways to reduce carbon output, to programs reducing hotel food waste, Earth Month broadened opportunities for the company to highlight ways in which Hilton teams are making a positive impact.

“For the past five years we have had overwhelming enthusiasm and participation in World Wildlife Funds (WWF) Earth Hour, so we decided to expand our impact by building on something we already knew our teams and guests cared about and actively engaged in,” said Maxime Verstraete, vice president of sustainability, Hilton Worldwide. “Water, energy, food, commodities, waste requirements and other factors significantly impact our business every day.  For this reason, every individual can be part of making a difference in the over 4,600 communities where we are present.”

It’s through efforts at each and every one of our hotels that Hilton is able to reduce its environmental footprint. Through LightStay, Hilton’s proprietary Corporate Responsibility measurement platform, the company has been able to track usage, identify major opportunities for change and reduced energy use by 14.5%, water use by 14.1%, waste output by 27.6% and carbon output by 20.9% (since 2009.)

Hilton logoThis article was originally published on Hilton’s website.

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