Redefining urban citizenship when migrants and refugees are the norm

refugee staring from bridgeMore than 20 events have occurred recently in Stockholm, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Geneva and other cities in order to look for solutions on how cities can integrate new migrants without losing their own identity. These culminated last week in an Urban Thinkers Campus — a series of more than two-dozen thematic global events, organized by the World Urban Campaign, aimed at coordinating stakeholder input for the drafting of the New Urban Agenda.

“Globalization, digitalization and climate change will profoundly change our cities, and the question will be which cities will be able to find convincing answers and solutions” to such challenges, Mannheim Mayor Peter Kurz said at the campus. “A large number of today’s refugees will be the citizens of tomorrow. The success of the integration of these people is crucial for the social and economic future of our city.”

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