PATA’s Creative Concept of ‘Good Tourism’ Adopted by UNESCO in China

UNESCO’s Funds-in-Trust Project named “Good Tourism” was launched in Yanoda, a Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone in Hainan province, China on December 3, 2011.

“Inspired by the ‘Rise of Good Tourism’ session during the PATA 60th Anniversary & Conference, UNESCO has initiated the project on “Good Tourism” in China to advocate for mutually supportive and beneficial interaction among travellers, tourism policy-makers, entrepreneurs, tourism operators, managers, scenic spots and local communities in China. The aim is to pursue the sustainable development of tourism,” said Beatrice Kaldun, Programme Specialist for Culture in the UNESCO Beijing office.

‘Good Tourism’ was first introduced at the PATA 60th Anniversary & Conference in Beijing, April 2011. It is a new balancing concept following ‘eco-tourism’, ’green tourism’, ‘low-carbon tourism’ and ‘responsible tourism’.

“We are grateful for UNESCO’s initiative to promote the PATA concept of ‘Good Tourism’ in China,” said Martin Craigs, PATA CEO. “The days of labelling tourism based on its particular contribution, i.e. environment, community or local heritage are receding. PATA believes that tomorrow’s industry should instead aspire to ‘Good Tourism’ – that is tourism which is both balanced and sustainable and delivers a range of different benefits,” said Craigs.

UNESCO will collaborate with tourism authorities and industry players, researchers and consumers in China to debate the concept. The aim is to form guidelines for tourism industry stakeholders, including travellers.

The Good Tourism Project implementation will take two years. Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Commission will provide necessary support. The Yanoda Rain Forest Cultural Tourism Zone will become the first research site for the Good Tourism project and offer funds and necessary support for project implementation. The project outputs will be disseminated in China and other parts of the world.

PATA member, Prof. Walter Jamieson of Thammasat University in Bangkok and Prof. Zou Tongqian, Dean of the Tourism School at Beijing International Studies University, will drive the project. PATA Regional Director – Greater China, Kate Chang, attended the launch ceremony and introduced PATA and its Good Tourism related initiatives in China.

Article taken from Travel Daily News. Read original version here.

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