How “insetting” is helping AccorHotels win over guests and locals

How "insetting" is helping AccorHotels win over guests and localsMany hotels today try to offset their environmental impact, but French hotel chain AccorHotels uses a unique approach called insetting. That is, its CSR initiatives rehabilitate and sustain the very areas the business depends on for survival.

A relatively new concept in business circles, insetting is a twist on the more well-known idea of ‘offsetting’, where companies compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions by funding reforestation projects in other parts of the world.

The term was first coined by Pur Projet and Scottish ecosystem restoration charity Plan Vivo Foundation in 2012.

Rather than simply compensating for climate impact by paying distant, unrelated actors to plant trees, insetting focuses on helping the ecosystems and communities which are directly impacted by a company’s operations.

This, says Pur Projet, creates long-term values for all stakeholders, helps a company preserve the resources on which it depends, and protect its market value.

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