How to build a successful sustainable hostel

Villa Giulia PisaAfter becoming jobless overnight Claudio Terreni and his father saw a business opportunity in Italy’s substantial tourist industry.  “At some point I realised I would simply have to invent a job for myself,” says Villa Giulia’s CEO Terreni about his job hunting experience. Father and son pulled together sources and skills, renovating an old Vatican-owned building in Pisa to turn it into a youth hostel for the summer season. Sustainable, smart and modern, the small hotel opened in 2013.

In Brief
  • Villa Giulia runs as a youth hostel for the summer season. For the rest of the year, it functions as student accommodation.
  • Cleaning ladies were hired in collaboration with a local social cooperative earlier this year.
  • As part of Villa Giulia’s social commitment they are committed to the integration program of a disabled boy from the local community.
In Depth
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