15 ways the tourism industry can help refugees

travindy-ideas-logoTourism is an industry based around the idea of welcoming foreigners. It is structured around a network of accommodation and transport providers. We are guides to new and strange places.

As such there is no other industry better shaped to provide the support and welcome that the many thousands of refugees and migrants currently seeking an escape from war, terrorism, drought and other crises.

VVF featured image
VVF in France has made 20 of its tourist villages available for migrants and refugees

15 Ways Tourism Can Help Refugees is a free downloadable briefing. The first in our new series called Travindy Ideas, it gathers together all the best examples we could find of tourism companies around the world acting proactively to help support refugees. There’s some truly inspiring things already being done. We have also included several further ideas for what more could be done.

migrantour featured image
Migrantour employs migrants and refugees as tour guides to European cities, presenting their experiences of their new homes

We do not believe we have written the final word on the subject. Rather this is supposed to open a conversation that is still too quiet. We hope that people will download 15 Ways Tourism Can Help Refugees and share it with their colleagues, contacts and friends. We encourage you to send us more ideas, or the stories, videos and photographs of all that they are doing.

We will continue to update this briefing, adding more and more ideas and examples as people send them to us. And hopefully it will help our industry do as much as we believe it can to respond to this most urgent of crises.

Please send your suggestions to [email protected], share them on our facebook page, or on Twitter

To receive a free PDF of15 ideas for how tourism can help refugees by email, simply click the link.


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