New ways that climate change could ground global airline industry

new risks from climate change for aviationLast week we reported how changing wind patterns over the Pacific brought about by climate change were slowing flight times. However a new article on Greenbiz suggests that there are far greater effects that climate change could have on aviation’s viability, and that this means: “The airline industry has a vested interest in the fight against climate change. It’s in airlines’ own best interest — and in the best interest of the public they serve — to support tough limits on carbon pollution.”

In Brief
  • Hot weather is bad for runways – above 100% tarmac has been known to soften and for airplane wheels to get stuck.
  • Bad weather grounds fights – 2014 saw the most flight cancellations in the US in a quarter century
  • Water levels. Many airports and runways are built on low lying, flat floodplains or coastal areas. Sea level rise, or even prolonged bad storms, could flood the runways making them unusable.
In Depth
In the Future
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith is the editor and co-founder of Travindy. He is a writer and communications consultant working for a more responsible and sustainable tourism industry. He is the author of two books, writes a fortnightly blog on responsible tourism for World Travel Market, and provides consultancy to a wide range of companies and organisations, ranging from National Parks to individual hotels and tour operators.

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