Join The Journey – an Accelerator Program for Sustainable Tourism Startups (and not only)

accelerator program for sustainable tourism The Journey

New opportunity for sustainable tourism startups! The Journey is a 5 month Program held in Lisbon  giving startups the opportunity to show their true potential. Organisers are looking for tourism sector innovators in one of three areas: Sustainable Tourism, Enhance Experience at Destination and Business Optimisation.

Sustainable Tourism

  • Ecotourism and how to protect the environment
  • Cultural Heritage and how to preserve it
  • Inclusive growth and how to promote it

Enhance experience at destination

  • Customer experience of tourism services and how to make it better
  • Improve the tour experience
  • Make traveling smarter with wearables
  • How to customise and offer tailor-made experiences

Business optimisation

  • Collecting more data about customers and define profiles
  • How to increase loyalty
  • Managing customers online
  • How to integrate digital solutions
  • Optimising vacancies
  • Facility Management
  • How to fight fraud

The Journey Program starts with an online application and at each phase, the fit between the startups and the program will be assessed in order to invite those that can clearly benefit the most from collaborating with The Journey Partners – Turismo de Portugal, Abreu Viagens, Airbnb, Amadeus, Barraqueiro, NOS and Pestana Hotel Group.

Deadline for applications: 7th of May.

To find out more about this accelerator program for sustainable tourism, visit and to apply, go to

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