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The most Instagrammed tourist attraction on a Greek island faces a risk of washing away

A 43-year-old shipwreck is one of the island’s most visited and photographed attractions. Recent posts on Instagram, however, show just how much the vessel has deteriorated over the course of the last decade.

Spanish city takes action against public display of sexist outfits

The Spanish city of Seville has announced it will be cracking down on the antisocial behaviour of stag and hen dos.

The alarming massification process of the Rainbow Mountain

Facebook and Instagram have converted Vinicunca into a “must” for every traveler’s bucket list.

A true community based tourism that had an impact in poverty reduction in northern Ethiopia

A network of community run sites, or overnight stops, in the astonishingly dramatic landscapes of the highlands.

Tinkering with ‘ecotourism’ hides the real face of tourism

Like no other industry, tourism promotes – and glamorizes – a hyper-mobile and hyper-consumeristic lifestyle, rendering sustainability elusive.

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The realities and myths of regenerative tourism

Regenerative tourism is great for destinations that choose to focus on it, and for the few who can afford it. But what about the rest of us?