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‘Angkorian Dining Theatre’ at Anantara Angkor Resort Celebrates Cambodia’s Heritage

Anantara Angkor Resort, a serene getaway to the mystical temples of Angkor Wat, has introduced an enchanting culinary adventure: the Angkorian Dining Theatre.

G Adventures promotes culture and cuisine exploration in the Andes

G Adventures has long believed that supporting indigenous communities, especially in parts of the world where tourists go, is as much a travel industry responsibility as protecting the planet.

The most Instagrammed tourist attraction on a Greek island faces a risk of washing away

A 43-year-old shipwreck is one of the island’s most visited and photographed attractions. Recent posts on Instagram, however, show just how much the vessel has deteriorated over the course of the last decade.

Women monks uphold the ancient tradition of Korean temple cuisine

At a Buddhist temple just outside Seoul, food plays an important spiritual role, both in every day life and during important ceremonies.

Reinventing Malaysian cuisine: from street food to fine dining

Malaysian street food is known around the world. But elite chefs are reinventing Malaysian cuisine, reimagining flavours and creating a new era of fine dining.

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Locals in Málaga protest tourism amid rising rents and gentrification

Marching under the slogan ‘Málaga for living, not surviving’, last weekend 15,000 people took to the streets to demand affordable housing and protest mass-tourism in the Costa del Sol city.