Category: World Responsible Tourism Awards 2016 Interview Series

Communicating sustainable tourism at a destination level: interview with Belize

For 2016, Belize was the chief sponsor of the World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM. They spoke to us about their reasons for doing so

Communicating the migrant experience through tourism: interview with Viaggi Solidali

Viaggi Solidali has spent 17 years organising responsible tourism. Its latest offer enables people to discover their own cities through the eyes of migrants

Communicating the triple bottom line in tourism: interview with Lemon Tree Hotel Company

For the Indian hotel chain, sustainable tourism is as miuch about hiring people from disabled and disadvantaged backgrounds as reducing energy use

How a hotel saved hundreds of sea turtles: Interview with Jumeirah

The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project (DTRP) has seen the release of over 560 rescued sea turtles back into Dubai’s waters

Communicating community safari experiences: interview with EASTCO

Tanzania-based EASTCO has spent 22 years promoting community based safaris as a sustainable alternative to standard Big 5 chasing alternatives

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Natural Habitat Adventures’ new Carbon Clear Vision Program

Natural Habitat Adventures, a global leader in responsible nature travel and the conservation travel partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), recently released its first annual Sustainability Report accompanied by a major new initiative called Carbon Clear Vision.