2024 hotel sustainability outlook: prioritizing profitability

2024 hotel sustainability outlook: prioritizing profitability

Sustainability is the future for hotels, full stop. However profit-conscious or skeptical of international policies you may be, it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to fight against the flow of the river that is action against human-born climate change. What we argue, though, is that going forward profitability and sustainability are the same thing.

Every year the weather gets weirder and the natural disasters more severe. With hospitality seen as a ‘discretionary’ industry as compared to, say, agriculture, it will naturally come under increasing scrutiny for its contribution to global carbon emissions. This scrutiny may come from governments through the form of taxation and energy efficiency mandates, or it may come about privately via restricting access to capital for only those properties deemed green or from guests voting with their wallets by only booking those hotels that have passed a third-party sustainability appraisal.

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