Heritage travel can unlock tourism benefits for EU communities


Emmanuel Marill, Airbnb Regional Director for EMEA, will present to members of the European Committee of the Regions including local Mayors, and meet with the European Parliament Cultural Heritage Intergroup this week to champion the benefits of heritage travel for tourism dispersal in Europe and share an update on Airbnb’s support for the EU’s short-term rental proposal.
The meetings come as Airbnb unveils new initiatives to grow heritage travel in Europe including funding a new European Historic Homes education programme on heritage preservation and promotion, and launching a partnership with the Demeures Historiques & Jardins de Belgique to promote and boost heritage tourism in Belgium.
Airbnb has donated almost ten million euros to heritage organizations in Europe to help boost demand for heritage-related travel and launched a new Historical Homes category in May 2022, making it easier for guests to discover heritage homes in Spain, Germany, Italy, France,the UK, and now Belgium
There are around 45,000 listings* in the historical homes category and just under 70% of European historic homes on Airbnb are located in non-urban areas, helping to disperse the benefits of tourism to rural and lesser visited destinations**. A previous analysis by Airbnb on the impacts of Airbnb’s flexible search features – including ‘Categories’ such as historical homes and ‘I’m Flexible’– shows they help to divert bookings away from Europe’s most saturated tourist hotspots and peak travel dates in support of more sustainable travel trends.

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