How to market your restaurant, hotel & cafe in times of social distancing

How to market your restaurant, hotel & cafe in times of social distancing

While the UK government maintains a stoic approach and projects a sense of calm, let’s not allow the empty loo roll shelves to throw the rest of us into panic. Footfall is down across the hospitality industry and we can expect it to only get worse in the immediate future. We have to plan for lockdown too, albeit a short-lived blip. So let’s talk about how to market your restaurant, hotel or cafe in times of social distancing.

Keep calm. Keep storytelling.

The story has changed beneath your feet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep storytelling. What customers need right now is reassurance. Talk to your target audience about what you’re doing to help everyone reduce spread of infection.

It’s time to think about adjusting your offering and potentially discovering new revenue streams. If social lockdown occurs, restaurants and shops could be closed, with the exception of food stores and chemists. Potentially devastating for restaurants and cafes, how will can you stay open during social distancing?

Turn to takeaways – the Italians are leading the way on this. It may require you to adjust your menu and you’ll need to plan ahead by stocking up on takeaway boxes. You could offer for people to bring their own containers but remember that Starbucks has stopped customers from bringing their own reusable cups as a preventative measure.

Produce and sell what consumers can’t get their hands on – bread, cakes, eggs, pastries, even your loo roll and soap stock

How to reignite business after Covid-19

Let’s stay positive. Current lockdowns range from 2 weeks (schools in Ireland) to 2 months (Princess Cruises) and we have to accept that a period of lockdown will occur in the UK too. But without hope we have nothing, so during quiet times consider what you’ll do to reignite business once this year’s Covid-19 ricochet has passed.

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