Travindy conducts comprehensive sustainability assessments, where we evaluate your performance against global sustainable tourism criteria. Our goal is to help you measure and enhance your sustainability practices, identify gaps, and provide targeted recommendations for improvement.

In-depth evaluation

Our sustainability assessments involve a thorough examination of your organization’s or destination’s sustainable tourism practices. We analyze various aspects, including environmental impact, community engagement, social responsibility, economic benefits, and cultural preservation.

Global standards

Our assessments are benchmarked against widely accepted global sustainable tourism standards and frameworks. This includes criteria from organizations like the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), European Tourism Indicators System (ETIS), and other reputable industry guidelines. By adhering to these rigorous standards, our assessments provide a reliable and credible evaluation of your sustainability efforts. 

Identifying gaps and strengths

Through our evaluations, we identify both strengths and areas for improvement in your sustainable tourism practices. Understanding your strengths allows you to celebrate and highlight successful initiatives, while recognizing gaps empowers you to prioritise and focus efforts where they will have the most significant impact.

Tailored recommendations

Based on the assessment findings, we provide customised recommendations tailored to your organisation’s or destination’s unique context and goals. Our recommendations are practical, actionable, and designed to support you in implementing effective sustainable practices. Whether it’s enhancing environmental conservation efforts, improving community engagement, or promoting responsible consumption, our guidance aims to drive positive change. 

Strategic roadmap

Beyond providing recommendations, we offer a strategic roadmap to guide you on your sustainability journey. This roadmap outlines step-by-step actions, timelines, and performance indicators to monitor progress and ensure continuous improvement in sustainable tourism practices.


Sustainability assessments is a great first step when you decide to the sustainability agenda seriously

At the start of their sustainability journey, a thorough performance assessment provides tourism organisations with invaluable benefits. 

The assessment establishes a baseline understanding of their current sustainability performance, identifying areas of strength and weakness for targeted improvements. Armed with data-driven insights, organisations can make informed decisions, set measurable sustainability goals, and focus their efforts on key areas that offer the most significant impact. 

Engaging stakeholders in the assessment process fosters buy-in and commitment to sustainability initiatives, while capacity-building opportunities empower employees with the necessary skills for successful implementation. 

By addressing potential risks early on, the assessment helps mitigate challenges and showcases the organisation’s commitment to responsible practices, enhancing its reputation and attracting like-minded partners. As progress is tracked and return on investment is measured, the performance assessment becomes a strategic tool for continuous improvement, driving positive impacts on the environment, society, and the overall success of the business.



Katon-Karagay, Kazakhstan

Travindy conducted a comprehensive sustainability assessment of the remote region of Katon-Karagay, nestled in the northeastern part of Kazakhstan. The primary objective of this initiative was to assist the region in enhancing its sustainability performance and devising a strategic plan to pave the way for achieving international sustainable tourism certification.

The assessment began with an evaluation of Katon-Karagay’s current sustainability practices, encompassing a wide spectrum of aspects, including environmental impact, community engagement, cultural preservation, and economic benefits. Travindy’s expert team of sustainability professionals delved deep… Learn more