Sustainability assessment – KAZAKHSTAN




Travindy conducted a comprehensive sustainability assessment of the remote region of Katon-Karagay, nestled in the northeastern part of Kazakhstan. The primary objective of this initiative was to assist the region in enhancing its sustainability performance and devising a strategic plan to pave the way for achieving international sustainable tourism certification.

The assessment began with an evaluation of Katon-Karagay’s current sustainability practices, encompassing a wide spectrum of aspects, including environmental impact, community engagement, cultural preservation, and economic benefits. Travindy’s expert team of sustainability professionals delved deep into the region’s unique ecological and cultural fabric, working closely with local stakeholders to gain a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities for sustainable tourism development.

After gathering all the information, Travindy made a customized plan for Katon Karagay’s journey towards sustainability. This plan included specific steps, goals, and timelines, tailored to the region’s unique qualities and aspirations. With these clear goals, Katon Karagay can track its progress and celebrate successes as it becomes more sustainable. Additionally provided recommendations also provided a set of activities to help improve the quality of tourism in the region overall, and make it ready for welcoming more international visitors.