Sustainability assessment of a resort


Ulu Ulu Resort, Brunei


Travindy aims to improve overall sustainability performance and communications of hotels and other types of accommodations. We do it by offering a thorough assessment of a property, internal documentation and evaluation of online communication channels. We have been invited by the Ulu Ulu resort to conduct such a sustainability assessment. The resort was located in the middle of Brunei’s Temburong National Park and therefore it was critical for the property to minimise their environmental footprint while maximising socio-economic benefits for the community living in this remote area. 

The resort was also looking for ways to attract the right customers and encourage them to behave more responsibly. Travindy has conducted an onsite visit, delivered a sustainability training for the core team and provided a thorough analysis of the hotels’ sustainability performance and communications, with a list of easy to implement solutions.

UPD: The Ulu Ulu Resort was closed in June 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.