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Banning flights on UK routes with fast rail links ‘could cut flight emissions by third’

Banning domestic passenger flights for journeys with viable train routes of under four-and-a-half hours would cut Great Britain’s emissions from domestic aviation in half, according to a new report published by the Intergenerational Foundation

Virgin Atlantic scraps gendered uniforms as part of inclusivity drive

Virgin Atlantic has scrapped gendered uniforms and will instead allow crew to choose the workwear they feel represents them most.

EasyJet to stop offsetting CO2 emissions from December

Airline unveils ‘roadmap to net zero’ strategy focusing on sustainable fuel and more efficient planes

Can a cruise ship be sustainable?

The cruise industry has such a bad reputation. Despite the public’s professed concern over climate change, searches for cruise holidays are on the rise again. Can cruise ships be sustainable?

Intrepid and Byway partner to offer flight-free travel

Intrepid Travel has partnered with slow-travel specialist Byway to offer customers flight-free holiday options in Europe.

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