Our Values

Our Values

We believe that sustainable tourism is necessary, achievable… and offers people the best experiences.

We created Travindy to tell the stories of sustainable tourism. We’re registered as both a social enterprise and as a non-profit company limited by guarantee, which works to help other people tell their sustainable tourism stories as well as possible. These are the values that guide what we do and by which we will measure our success.


We’re doing this because we know that well run sustainable tourism is the best form of tourism there is. It offers great holidays that truly connect people to what is different and remarkable about the places they visit. And it does it in ways that protect and restore habitats and heritage, the invigorate and revitalise local economies, and that foster improved understanding between people from diverse cultures around the world.


We are all specialists in communication, tourism and sustainability, we believe we can best assist the development of sustainable tourism by focussing on our strengths and experience. We have a global network of the best experts in their relevant disciplines, with whom we collaborate to ensure each project gets the team it needs.

Social Enterpise

Travindy is a non-profit social enterprise which provides its content as a sustainable, free, open editorial service. We don’t take advertising or sponsorship to support us, nor do we charge people to subscribe. We don’t market anything to anyone.


We believe that knowledge and information should be accessible and open. We encourage people to share the content they find on this site. Any original content that we write and share on Travindy is freely available to reuse as part of the Creative Commons.


Acting sustainably is not about committing to do less damage than you did the year before. It is about designing your business so that the places you operate in and the communities you work with are enriched, restored and regenerated as a result of your activities. We are committed to ensuring that our work has as positive effect as possible on the industry we love.