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For countries in crisis, losing tourism can pile one disaster atop another

‘After the 2004 tsunami, I was invited by the national tourist board to visit Thailand: in areas severely affected by the disaster, local people told me they needed tourism to return as soon as possible’

Overtourism and the Sustainable Future of Hospitality in Greece

So-called “overtourism” in Greece and Cyprus has less to do with the destination’s desirability than with infrastructure and accessibility.

Venetians fear ‘museum relic’ status as population drops below 50,000

Campaigners say Italian city’s remaining residents feel ‘suffocated’ by effects of tourism

Sustainable tourism in Kyrgyzstan – interview with Imanaly Turkbaev

How sustainable tourism develops in the Alay region in Kyrgyzstan and why "By Alay'' project was such a success

Harri Relaunches Hospitality Unite To Support Ukrainian refugees

Hospitality Unite is free-to-use platform designed to provide Ukrainian refugees with job opportunities throughout Europe

State of accessible travel

Travel companies are working to improve the travel experience for the disabled. Advocates say it just makes good business sense.

Israel’s transformative desert retreat

Set deep in the heart of the Negev desert in southern Israel, a small community is inviting travellers to connect with nature and learn to live a little more consciously.

Virgin Atlantic scraps gendered uniforms as part of inclusivity drive

Virgin Atlantic has scrapped gendered uniforms and will instead allow crew to choose the workwear they feel represents them most.

The human side of sustainable tourism – interview with Rika Jean-Francois

How tourism development impacts the life of people, and how sustainable tourism can contribute to world peace.

How the Tourism Industry Can Close the Knowledge-Action Gap

People understand they need to make changes. They may even know how to make them. The problem is a yawning divide between what people know or say they’ll do and actually changing their behavior and/or taking action.

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