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Sustainable tourism interviews

Sustainability in practice (video series)

On Smart Tourism in Benidorm: Interview Laura Garcia Castellano

After being named the world's first certified intelligent tourism destination in 2018, Benidorm experienced a sharp shock in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Electrifying Himalayan villages through sustainable tourism: Interview with Paras Loomba

High in the Himalayas, Paras Loomba the CEO, and founder of Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) is a social entrepreneur providing clean solar energy and...

Sustainability is in the DNA of the company: Interview with Hans Lagerweij

Having recognised the negative effects of climate change on the environment, Hans Lagerweij from Albatros Expeditions explains the company's commitment to improving fuel efficiency...

Making the economic argument for sustainability: Interview with Tim O’Donoghue

Tim O’Donoghue is the Executive Director of the Riverwind Foundation. Tim provides training and technical assistance services for businesses, organisations, and destinations that wish...

Creating a positive social impact: Interview with Jessica Blotter, CEO & Co-Founder of Kind Traveler

Kind Traveler is the world’s 1st socially-conscious Give + Get hotel booking and education platform that empowers travellers to positively impact local communities and the destinations they visit. In this video interview, Anula Galewska speaks to co-founder Jessica Blotter about Kind Traveler’s niche approach to responsible travel, and the big impact small donations can have.

Online learning

- Sustainable Tourism Crash Course -spot_img


Wild Asia interview series

Reinventing voluntourism: interview with Claire Bennett from Pepy Tours

PEPY Tours has turned volunteering on its head, so that the emphasis is not what the traveller can do for the host community, but on what they can learn from their visit to take back home. Jeremy Smith speaks with Claire Bennett about its innovative approach.

How to make tourism more responsible for child protection: interview with James Sutherland

James Sutherland, Friends International's international communications co-ordinator, speaks with Jeremy Smith about the growth of the ChildSafe Movement and its efforts to engage the tourism industry to help protect children.

Using transformational tourism to deliver authentic CSR (and win lots of awards): interview with Marc Van Loo from Loola Resorts

We speak to the co-founder of award winners Loola Resorts about his approach to running incredibly successful beach tourism holidays where groups of adults and children not only get to play at the beach, they get involved in deeply engaging community outreach programmes too.

NatGeo interview series

How to engage local communities? The 2017 NatGeo World Legacy Awards winners share their tips

The winners of the international tourism prize presented each year at ITB Berlin share their tips on how to engage local communities in sustainable tourism.

How to involve staff in sustainability efforts? The 2017 NatGeo World Legacy Awards winners share their tips

The winners of the international tourism prize presented each year at ITB Berlin share their tips on how to involve staff in sustainability efforts.

How to communicate sustainability to guests? The 2017 NatGeo World Legacy Awards winners share their tips

The winners of the international tourism prize presented each year at ITB Berlin share their tips on how to communicate sustainability to guests.

GSTC interview series

How to develop Greek tourism sustainably – Interview with Ioannis Pappas

Ioannis Pappas speaks with Anula Galewska about challenges of tourism development in Greece and reviews the sustainability efforts of the Greek tourism industry.

The need for sustainability data and new way of communicating it to consumers. Interview with Lonneke de Kort

CEO of hotel booing site Lonneke de Kort speaks about the need for authoritative sustainability data and communicating this data in ways that connect with consumers.

How to influence supply chains to effect change at scale: interview with WWF’s Jim Sano

Jim Sano, Vice President for Travel, Tourism and Conservation, WWF speaks with Anula Galewska about the partnership between WWF and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

More interviews

Meet Bernanda Morales, a cultural leader keeping Costa Rica’s endangered Bribri culture alive

The Bribri leader explains how, in her village of Yorkin, just upriver from the Caribbean coast, she’s brought back the Bribri language from the brink of extinction, creating a sustainable tourism destination in the process.

How the travel industry can live up to the Glasgow Declaration

Following last year’s U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Scotland, AFAR asked thought leaders in travel how they plan to take action and create a more sustainable future.

The importance of sustainable travel after the pandemic

The pandemic has focused attention on the negative impacts of travel, which resulted in the ‘coming back better’ movement. In this interview with Forbes, travel expert and writer Holly Tuppen talks about what this means in reality and how we can put it into practice, based on her own sustainable travel experiences.