Guide to Communicating Sustainable Tourism

Travindy Guide to communicating sustainable tourismSetting out your business on a sustainable journey is part of the adventure. If you want to stand out for these actions you may have to go further, and improve the way you communicate what you are doing too. 

Travindy is here to help you! We put together the theory, practice and a number of case studies into one Essential Guide to Marketing and Communicating Sustainable Tourism to help you market your sustainability efforts in a way that makes sense for your customers, and for your business.


  • Saying that you are green & eco never brought you any sales.
  • Your business kicks off only during a short tourist season.
  • Customers seem not to care about your sustainability commitment.
  • No one is reading the “responsible travel” tab on your website.
  • Awards and certifications for being eco didn’t bring any tangible benefits for your business.

… If any of these statements sound familiar, this Guide is exactly what you need!