The Travindy Ideas series is part best practice showcase and part collaborative brainstorm.

Our plan is to gather together all the best ideas and innovations we know of covering a range of essential environmental and social issues where tourism can have a significant impact. This might be climate change, or habitat preservation, waste reduction or water management.

We then add any further ideas we have, and publish a Travindy Ideas as a PDF. They don’t pretend to be the final word on a topic. Quite the opposite. The idea is to get conversations started, to encourage people to share their ideas, to tell us – and our networks – about what they are doing, or great ideas they have had. People can email us, tweet, comment on Facebook – wherever works for you.

We will gather the ideas together, and then regularly update each one of our Travindy Ideas with the best new ideas and examples of what is already happening.

Our first Travindy Ideas is called ’15 ideas for how tourism can support refugees’. You can download it for free from this page. You’ll then be kept informed of each new Travindy Idea when it is published, along with other key news. But no spam, ever. Promise.