In-house training courses in marketing and communications for responsible tourism.

We’ll explore how you can better communicate what makes you different, focusing on how it makes your customer’s experience more complete.

Our workshops cover everything from branding and storytelling to writing effective web copy, creating social media campaigns and finding the best resources to make the process run as smoothly as possible.


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Current Workshops

1: Marketing Responsible Tourism

Many businesses protect the environment, create good jobs, purchase locally and promote a sense of place. Learn how to communicate this in ways that excite your customers.

Learn how you can better market what makes you different, by focusing on how it makes your customers’ experiences more complete. Discover realistic ideas you can adapt to assure your customers that you are the right company for their needs.

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2: Practical Tools & Techniques

There are so many different ways to communicate, ranging from traditional forms such as advertising and travel journalism to the ever-shifting worlds of social media, blogging and youtube. With so many possibilities, how can responsible tourism businesses maximise their time and resources?

This course will focus on the specific means of communication available to tourism practitioners, investigates which are most suitable for different situations, and look at how they can be utilised most effectively.

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“The training Xavier Font gave at our company made all participants aware of the “fun” way to communicate sustainable tourism. Xavier made a clear point: travelers do not choose a trip because it is sustainable, but because it is more fun, authentic, rewarding, and a much nicer experience.” Femke de Vries, and Shoestring Holding, Netherlands