Category: Wildlife

Brazilian City highlights biodiversity with urban birdtower and guides

Santos has been putting up visual bird guides across the urban area to draw attention to the wealth of birdlife found within the city limits

Palau Is burning illegal fishing boats to protect ecotourism

The Pacific island is taking extreme measures to protect the ecotourism and diving industry that is its main source of sustainable revenue

Using ‘conservancy’ safaris to give Kenya’s communities a brighter future

How the 'Conservancy Concept' is improving the livelihoods of locals, protecting habitat and ensuring better safari experiences, all at same time

India’s immense plans for industrial development threaten tigers

India has had great success at using tourism to protect tigers, but a raft of industrial development plans threaten the big cat's habitat

Four US airlines stop transporting hunting trophies after global Cecil outrage

Move by increasing numbers of airlines shows that there are more ways to tackle trophy hunting than just outright bans, which may be harder to achieve

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