Category: Sustainable tourism management

French Polynesia to cap visitor numbers

French Polynesia's tourism agency says it aims for a cap on visitor numbers in an updated strategy to make the industry sustainable.

Five Ways Sustainable Travel is Accelerating Across Colombia

With an influx of visitors comes social and environmental risks, but there are ways to visit this incredible country while mitigating your impact, starting with a few examples below.

A World For Travel 2022: Five commitments to action announced

Five urgent sector-wide sustainability actions have been identified at the A World For Travel Summit, which was held in Nimes, France in October 2022.

How the Tourism Industry Can Close the Knowledge-Action Gap

People understand they need to make changes. They may even know how to make them. The problem is a yawning divide between what people know or say they’ll do and actually changing their behavior and/or taking action.

Meliá Hotels International launches Travel for Good campaign

A leader in sustainability, Meliá Hotels International, is rewriting the script for tourism with its new Travel for Good campaign. 

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