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Airbnb pledges to work with cities and pay ‘Fair Share’ of taxes

The start-up has introduced a lengthy treatise pledging a renewed spirit of cooperation with local governments

Airbnb, social media and the quest for the authentic urban experience

Opening up tourism to grassroots entrepreneurs has been a democratising process.

Protesters occupy Airbnb headquarters on eve of San Francisco vote

Protesters descended upon Airbnb’s headquarters in San Francisco Monday, one day before city residents vote on imposing regulations on short-term rentals.

Groundbreaking compassionate destination concept launched in Kerala

What if a destination focussed not on attracting tourists, but on ensuring it made the place better to live for its citizens first?

How to build a successful sustainable hostel

The inspiring tale of how a father and son who both become jobless at the same time collaborated to run a sustainable, socially aware hostel in Pisa

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