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25 heritage sites in danger

Threatened by global challenges ranging from climate change to recovery from crisis, the World Monuments Fund has released its bi-annual watch list of important heritage sites in need of preservation.

Oregon group hires climate scientist to walk the talk on coastal tourism

The destination marketing group’s journey to figuring out climate action from a tourism perspective has taken it on a path of collaboration and innovation — including hiring its first-ever climate scientist.  

Tribal-Run conservation in Africa proves resilient during the pandemic

The Covid pandemic has hit African tourism and the wildlife conservation it supports extremely hard. But Indigenous-managed projects, such as the Il Ngwesi eco-lodge and conservancy run by Maasai in Kenya, have benefited from local people’s stewardship of their lands.

More resilient tourism industry emerging in 2022

The world's reaction to the fact that South Africa's scientists identified the omicron variant, was nothing short of devastating, especially for the South African...

Making tourism stronger and ready for the future

This has been another challenging year for our societies, our economies and tourism. Many millions of jobs and businesses remain in peril, at the...

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