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How to see the Medellín beyond “Narcos”

Colombia-based Impulse Travel offers community-led tours in different parts of Medellín that are helping to change the city’s narrative. The aim is to let community leaders paint a more realistic picture of the city for visitors whose image of Medellín is still associated with the drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Tourism’s common challenge: How do we create ‘community shared value’?

Are there needs, wants, and desires common to all (or most) individuals within your community? How might travel & tourism serve them? In this “Good Tourism” Insight, K Michael Haywood explores the challenge all destinations face if they wish to create ‘community shared value’.

Tribal-Run conservation in Africa proves resilient during the pandemic

The Covid pandemic has hit African tourism and the wildlife conservation it supports extremely hard. But Indigenous-managed projects, such as the Il Ngwesi eco-lodge and conservancy run by Maasai in Kenya, have benefited from local people’s stewardship of their lands.

Recall of the wild: South America’s new era of nature-led tourism

Macaws, jaguars, tapirs and woolly monkeys are just a few of the critically endangered species being reintroduced as part of Latin America’s rewilding drive. In Colombia, the government recently passed into law wide-reaching sustainable tourism policies under the banner 'Together With Nature'.

Seven ‘deeper leverage points’ for travel & tourism’s effective climate action

In this “Good Tourism” Insight, academics Johanna Loehr and Susanne Becken offer an executive summary of “Leverage points to address climate change risk in destinations”, their paper recently published by Tourism Geographies.

Tourism rescues Omalo, Georgia, from oblivion

Adventure tourists have thrown the remotest mountain region of the country an economic lifeline – but at what cost to ancient traditions and customs? The gains of tourism by way of new jobs and economic growth are tinged with the knowledge that part of their cultural heritage will be lost as the transactional nature of tourism is at odds with the hospitality for which Georgia is famed.

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