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To Airbnb or not to Airbnb: is it ethical to rent property to holidaymakers during a housing crisis?

It’s a question individual owners in Australia are asking themselves – but one that may be better directed to governments and corporates

Banning flights on UK routes with fast rail links ‘could cut flight emissions by third’

Banning domestic passenger flights for journeys with viable train routes of under four-and-a-half hours would cut Great Britain’s emissions from domestic aviation in half, according to a new report published by the Intergenerational Foundation

State of accessible travel

Travel companies are working to improve the travel experience for the disabled. Advocates say it just makes good business sense.

Israel’s transformative desert retreat

Set deep in the heart of the Negev desert in southern Israel, a small community is inviting travellers to connect with nature and learn to live a little more consciously.

How the Tourism Industry Can Close the Knowledge-Action Gap

People understand they need to make changes. They may even know how to make them. The problem is a yawning divide between what people know or say they’ll do and actually changing their behavior and/or taking action.

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