Category: Wild Asia Interview Series

Reinventing voluntourism: interview with Claire Bennett from Pepy Tours

PEPY Tours has turned volunteering on its head, so that the emphasis is not what the traveller can do for the host community, but on what they can learn from their visit to take back home. Jeremy Smith speaks with Claire Bennett about its innovative approach.

How to make tourism more responsible for child protection: interview with James Sutherland

James Sutherland, Friends International's international communications co-ordinator, speaks with Jeremy Smith about the growth of the ChildSafe Movement and its efforts to engage the tourism industry to help protect children.

Using transformational tourism to deliver authentic CSR (and win lots of awards): interview with Marc Van Loo from Loola Resorts

We speak to the co-founder of award winners Loola Resorts about his approach to running incredibly successful beach tourism holidays where groups of adults and children not only get to play at the beach, they get involved in deeply engaging community outreach programmes too.

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