Category: GSTC interview series 2016

How to develop Greek tourism sustainably – Interview with Ioannis Pappas

Ioannis Pappas speaks with Anula Galewska about challenges of tourism development in Greece and reviews the sustainability efforts of the Greek tourism industry.

The need for sustainability data and new way of communicating it to consumers. Interview with Lonneke de Kort

CEO of hotel booing site Lonneke de Kort speaks about the need for authoritative sustainability data and communicating this data in ways that connect with consumers.

How to influence supply chains to effect change at scale: interview with WWF’s Jim Sano

Jim Sano, Vice President for Travel, Tourism and Conservation, WWF speaks with Anula Galewska about the partnership between WWF and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Developing sustainable tourism in Korea – interview with Dr. Mihee Kang

Anula Galewska speaks with Dr. Mihee Kang about the opportunities and challenges of the development of sustainable tourism in Korea.

Challenges of sustainable tourism in the Philippines – Interview with Susan Santos Cárdenas

In this interview, Susan Santos Cárdenas talks about the situation of tourism in the Philippines and the role of education in sustainable tourism development.

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